Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clearance Bows! Yippee!

Yea for clearanced bows! More clearance is coming as I go through the rest of our seasonal bows! Check back often and don't forget to check our website for other custom made bows!

Snap clippees: $2.00 (Top to bottom) Orange leather flower, Snowman, Christmas Tree

Large Singles: (top to bottom) $2.00 Leopard or Rainbow; Boutique fold

Large Singles- Double wrapped: $2.00 Shocking pink and tie dye peace sign (Top is boutique fold and bottom is flat fold)

Large Singles : $2.00 Christmas Starlight print; all boutique fold

(top to bottom) Green Big, Big single $4.00, Large green boutique fold: $2.00, Large green flat fold: $2.00

Take a look at our overstock and see if there is anything you can't live without! We are clearing out bows from our retail locations and seasonal overstock. These prices can't be beat. But remember, these are one of a kind and once they are gone... they're gone.

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